From an early age, I've loved nature and being outdoors. Growing up, I was also no stranger to a camera, as we made plenty of memories in the form of both stills and video. The point at which I realised I wanted to pursue photography, was when I was given my late Grandfather's film SLR camera, an Asahi Pentax SV. Having started my journey into photography with a fully mechanical camera, I developed a strong technical discipline. It was a pivotal moment, and led me to specialise in photography during my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, and later, go on to complete a fine art based BA (Hons) Photography degree.
My love for the natural world quickly developed into a fascination of the coexistence of human beings and nature. Photography allows me to capture this relationship by celebrating, for example, the way in which wildlife has adapted to the human-made environment. I continue to be amazed by wildlife's intelligence and their ability to survive and thrive in spaces that were not built with them in mind. I love nothing more than spending time in nature, as well as waiting for and observing wildlife with camera in-hand. In addition to nature and wildlife, I love to document my travels through photography. I take great pleasure in sharing my images and experiences through public speaking, and am very proud to have had images published online, in print, and awarded in photographic competitions.